About Datalytics LLC

Datalytics is dedicated to the art of applying data

science to solve real-world problems


Data science is a new and emerging field that impacts all of our lives every day.  From political polling to evidence-based medicine to the ads you see when you browse the web, big data analytics are shaping the way we live our lives.  Datalytics provides data science education and information to people of all backgrounds – from data scientists to lay people – helping people understand the power, limitations, and possibilities for these developing technologies.


Datalytics conducts research to improve existing techniques and tools as well as to invent novel approaches to big data challenges.  As advanced as some contemporary applications seem to be, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities in an immature and fertile field.  Developing and refining new analytic algorithms as well as finding new ways to extract value from structured and unstructured data are areas of research focus.


Potential applications of data science are present in nearly every field of human endeavor.  Datalytics promotes and supports the application of big data analytics in a variety of fields. Areas of interest and research include the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and analysis of polystructured data using massively parallel technologies, as well as the adaptation and refinement of high-dimensional analysis techniques  for text analytics, genomics, and proteomics.